‘A Breath of Fresh Tea’ podcast is served up

Stonewall FC players launch new podcast exploring gay life, LGBT-inclusive sport, food, and much more…

If you’re missing all the gossip from the locker room during the lockdown, or you just want some new chat in your life, sample ‘A Breath of Fresh Tea’.

This new podcast is a welcoming conversation with three players from Stonewall FC – striker and “face of adidas” Jay Lemonius, left-back and club secretary Leon Williams, and forward Ollie Rabie – plus Martyn Richards, who’s not only Leon’s boyfriend but is also a valuable part of the pod team as he can “talk for days”.

The pod’s mission statement is to explore “everything LGBTQ, life, love, covid-19, drag, sports and fresh tea” – and in the first episode titled ‘H2HO‘, the boys shoot the breeze about all these topics.


Some choice cuts…

  • Close encounters with ‘Miss Rona’ just before working from home became the norm
  • Cooking up a storm in the kitchen – coleslaw, puttanesca, and banana bread (obvs)… but no sausage party, somewhat surprisingly
  • Martyn’s adventures in learning French and Japanese, and what Jay’s stripped-down 30th birthday celebrations might look like next month
  • Dr Ollie’s Check-Up – on LGBT+ struggles during the pandemic, condom shortages, and what to do if you’ve missed that all-important ‘dick appointment’… send Dr Ollie a medical question via Curious Cat

Great first episode guys – we look forward to your next brew!

You can listen to ‘A Breath of Fresh Tea’ podcast now on Spotify or Anchor.fm. Follow @freshteahun on Instagram and Twitter.

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