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Sports Media LGBT+ is a welcoming network, advocacy and consultancy group that is helping to build a community of LGBT+ people and allies in sport.

The network

If you’re currently in a role in sport / sports media, or you’re looking for such a role – and you’re either LGBT+ or an ally – we’re keen to connect with you.

We communicate via meet-ups and get-togethers; via a mailing list (sign up below); and publicly through social media on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

To get more involved with Sports Media LGBT+ and to make connections, we invite you to apply to join our online groups. These are:

If you’re interested in joining one or more of these groups, but would like to learn more before applying, please drop an email to Jon Holmes, our Network Lead, at jon@sportsmedialgbt.com.

Our mailing list currently has over 800 recipients.

Learn more about the background to Sports Media LGBT+ here.

Matthew Mitcham, Susannah Townsend and Michael Gunning in conversation with Beth Fisher on our ‘Out, And The Olympics’ panel at #AuthenticMe in 2019

Advocacy and consultancy

One of our main objectives is to amplify the voices of LGBT+ people at all levels of sport, to show how authenticity boosts performance, and to demonstrate the benefits of an inclusive environment.

Looking for LGBT+ sports content? Check out our Recommended page!

We’re here to help – whether it’s a one-to-one chat; collaborating on content that helps to raise the profile of your team or club; sharing a powerful personal story that can inspire others; partnering on an event; or another opportunity.

Read and download our ‘Rainbow Ready’ resources pack, designed to help all in media and comms roles on LGBT+ in sports content

Get featured!

We welcome your pitches and suggestions for content on our Google News ranked website and busy social channels. Ideas, press releases, blogs, podcasts, video… get in touch to explore the opportunities.

We can also connect you up with other LGBT+-friendly media publishers – including major outlets – through our extensive network contacts.

Email Jon at jon@sportsmedialgbt.com.

We’re also keen to build professional relationships and partnerships across both the wider sports and media industries, and collaborate with individuals and organisations that have similar goals to our own. Check out some of our connections here.

On all matters, we naturally value the contributions of allies – people who aren’t LGBT+ themselves, but who are supportive of diversity and inclusion initiatives.

For all general enquiries, email info@sportsmedialgbt.com, or use the contact form below.

Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you.

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