Sports Media LGBT+ is a collaborative group that seeks to work with individuals and organisations who also want to make our industry, and sport in general, more inclusive for LGBT+ people.

Below you can find some of our connections. If you’re interested in having a listing on this page, please contact us with your request.

BCOMS – Networking, support & campaigning organisation for Africans & Caribbeans in the UK sports media. BCOMS also seeks to represent all strands of diversity, including gender, disability, sexual orientation and religion.

Sports Journalists’ Association – Founded in 1947, the SJA embraces all parts of the sports media but is focused on British-based professional sports writers, photographers and broadcasters. The largest national organisation of its kind in the world.

Outsports – Founded in 1999, Outsports is a sports news website based in the US which covers LGBT issues and personalities in amateur and professional sports. Part of the SB Nation / Vox Media family of sites, it’s rightly recognised as the world leader in covering the stories of all those involved in sport who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Sports Media LGBT+ has close ties with Outsports and is exploring opportunities with them to ensure greater international co-operation and representation.


InterMediaUK – Set up by Creative Skillset’s LGBT employee group and Stonewall in 2012, InterMediaUK is an LGBT network group for people working across the media spectrum. Currently there are members from TV, film, publishing, advertising and computing. Based on the interests of its members, InterMediaUK provides a comfortable space for networking, forming new professional contacts, sourcing potential career and business opportunities as well as creating regular social and special events.