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At Sports Media LGBT+, we’re supporting the new podcast project from Adam McCabe who, having spoken of his own experiences of being a gay footballer, is now amplifying the voices of other inspirational LGBT+ individuals in the sport. Here’s Adam to introduce episode one…

When I was deciding who to put on for this first episode, it was really an easy decision for me… It’s a full circle moment.

Adam McCabe

Back in February 2017, I was interviewed by Sky Sports Digital‘s Home Page Editor, Jon Holmes, and we navigated my journey of being a closeted footballer attempting to climb the professional soccer pyramid in England.

Adam and Jon at the Just A Ball Game? #StrongerTogether seminar event at Wembley in February 2019

I felt Jon really captured the essence of my journey and my struggles, and also the challenges in the modern game surrounding homophobia.

I thought it was only fair to have Jon as the first interview for this series, since his interview with me helped spread my story to a global audience and also challenged me to increase my activism. I honestly think if Jon hadn’t interviewed me back in 2017, this podcast would not be here today.

The response from Jon’s article was incredible. I had hundreds of individuals reach out to me and share their stories and experiences. I had closeted athletes in other sports ask me for advice.

The article really inspired a wide variety of people, but most importantly it really inspired me to do more. Jon’s article opened me up to the possibilities of being an activist, a role model, and a positive light in the community – and I decided to take that opportunity head on.

Initially, I became more active and vocal about my experiences, and participated in more discussions surrounding homophobia and transphobia in sports. I felt my story was one that could resonate with many people, but also inspire those who found themselves in my shoes. Being relatable and vulnerable allowed me to connect with athletes and individuals across the world.

After sharing his story with Sky Sports, Adam has been on his own journey to help make football more inclusive for LGBT+ people

Secondly, in May 2018, I began to write as a columnist for Prost Amerika. I knew that I had a voice and an opportunity to give my opinion about football and LGBTQ issues across the globe. I could draw from my experience as a professional level footballer and offer my opinions and viewpoints. I now run a column titled ‘The Gay Footballer’ where I discuss the good and bad news in the footballing world surrounding the LGBTQ culture. My first article – ‘The Atlanta United experience; An LGBTQ fan’s perspective’ – gained international attention and coverage after examining Atlanta United’s inaugural game as a club, and the homophobic language that characterised that match.

Whether giving me advice, editing my pieces, or being a soundboard to bounce off ideas, he’s been there for me. A friend, a mentor, a leader in his work, Jon continues to push the envelope and create a positive culture around sports and inclusivity.

As I release this first episode, I recall my initial thoughts in creating this podcast. I think about my experience as a footballer, and wishing there was something that could help me through my struggle with my sexuality. I think about the days when I hated the sport I had played for over 20 years of my life, and the negative person I was.

This podcast has been created to shine a light on the football industry and LGBTQ individuals who exist in this space. However, this podcast is also for the younger me. It is for the closeted players in the football world that need an outlet. It is for those players who think they are all alone and have nobody. It is for those players that are scared and are fighting to be the modern footballer. This podcast is for you. It’s a platform to know you are important, valued, and that you can be your authentic self.

If we ever hope to have an openly gay footballer in the highest divisions of world football, we must provide a safe place for them to be themselves.

‘The Gay Footballer’s Podcast’ is available on the iTunes, AnchorSpotify, and Pocket Casts platforms. We’ll also be looking to embed each episode in articles here on Sports Media LGBT+.

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