Sports Freelancer Collective: Media networks join forces

Sports Media LGBT+ joins Sports Journalists’ Association, Football Writers’ Association and other bodies in new support initiative…

Sports Media LGBT+ has joined the Sports Journalists’ Association, the Football Writers’ Association, the Black Collective of Media in Sport (BCOMS) and writers’ groups from every other major sport to form the Sports Freelancer Collective.

Sports FC represents writers, broadcasters and photographers from sport, who have suddenly found themselves with no income.

Latest information on the Football Writers’ Association website

Read more on the Sports Journalists’ Association

The Collective has opened a Facebook group in which those working in sports media who are affected can discuss their experiences, gain help and support, and make further proposals for action.

For further details of how Sports Media LGBT+ is looking to help its network members and others who are LGBT+ or allies involved in sport, please read our latest blog post here.

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