Taking Pride in Your Work: LGBTQ+ Voices in Football Media’ event – replay and podcast!

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Watch a replay of Sports Media LGBT+ and the Football Writers’ Association’s panel discussion event held via Zoom, hosted by Football v Homophobia, to mark a new partnership launched during Pride Month – or listen via the FvH Podcast…

By Jon Holmes

On Monday 14 June, Sports Media LGBT+ held a panel discussion event in conjunction with the Football Writers’ Association, hosted by Football v Homophobia, titled ‘Taking Pride in Your Work: LGBTQ+ Voices in Football Media’.

The football journalism industry is highly competitive and demanding – and it can also be hugely satisfying and rewarding.

Increasingly, efforts are being made to raise awareness about inclusion and take steps to attract a more diverse workforce.

In Pride Month – an important time of year for LGBTQ+ communities – how is the industry faring on representation of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people?

As the FWA and Sports Media LGBT+ kick off a new partnership, the groups’ event featured guests who discussed their experiences, assessed the progress made, and identified areas for action so that everyone – whether writer, reporter, commentator, or those in other roles – feels free to be their authentic selves in football media.

Joining Sports Media LGBT+ founder and network lead Jon Holmes (Sky Sports) for this discussion were:

You can watch a replay of the event below after it was live streamed on the FvH Facebook page or listen in a new episode of the FvH Podcast.

There’s also a ‘post-match summary’ of the event on the Sports Journalists’ Association website.

Read a thread of tweets – our thanks to Andrew Henderson from Pride of the Terraces for live tweeting!

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