Lesbian Visibility Week 2021: Celebrate LGBT+ women in sport

In the week starting on Lesbian Visibility Day on Monday 26 April, we’re celebrating the contributions of LGBT+ women in our sport and sports media community. Get involved! Read on to find out more…

By Sports Media LGBT+

The second annual Lesbian Visibility Week starts on Monday 26 April, 2021

When thinking about Lesbian Visibility Week and sports, Megan Rapinoe’s post-match quote following the USA’s 2019 World Cup quarter-final win over France is always foremost in our minds.

It was a Friday night at the Parc des Princes in late June and Rapinoe had just scored twice to knock the hosts out of the tournament.

Reminded that the next day was the annual Pride march in the capital, she was asked whether her own visibility and that of several of her team-mates who are also out carried any extra significance in sporting terms.

“Go gays!” laughed Rapinoe, before saying with a wry grin: “You can’t win a championship without gays on your team. It’s never been done before. Ever. That’s science right there. Yeah, to be gay and fabulous during Pride Month at the World Cup is nice.”

It was a refreshing, playful, celebratory statement about simply being LGBTQ+ – and one that’s rarely heard in a sporting context. The quote made headlines around the world and the following weekend, Rapinoe was hoisting aloft the World Cup trophy in Lyon as the gays – and their allies – delivered the silverware for the USA for a record fourth time.

It’s in that spirit that Sports Media LGBT+ is keen to once more ensure that sport sits proudly at the heart of Lesbian Visibility Week, organised by DIVA Magazine in association with Stonewall.

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A seven-day stretch of awareness was held for the first time in 2020 and we showed our support with content on our own website, and through our connections, a series of articles published on Sky Sports. A quick recap…

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Be sure to listen to Jack Murley’s BBC LGBT+ Sport Podcast for more great stories and interviews, with many women in sport sharing their stories.

Recent guests include weightlifter Michaela Breeze, rugby’s Rebecca Rowe, Paralympic and world champion rower Lauren Rowles, football writer Emma Smith, and Mexico international footballer Janelly Faries.


From Tuesday 27 April – ‘Inclusion In Sport’ panel event chaired by Dawn Airey, with Anita Asante, Amazin LeThi, Chris Paouros, and Sam Adams. Replay it here!

Get involved!

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