Pride needs you! Charlie Martin’s LGBT ‘game changer’

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Find out how you can help Charlie achieve maximum visibility at the Le Mans race weekend in June…

Charlie Martin is aiming to be the first transgender competitor to race on the full La Sarthe circuit at Le Mans – and she needs your help.

The third round of the Michelin Le Mans Cup, which will support the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans race, will be held from Thursday, June 13 to Saturday, June 15 – right in the middle of Pride month.

Charlie – who shared her amazing story at Sports Media LGBT+’s #AuthenticMe event at the BBC last October – is aiming to use her Le Mans opportunity to celebrate the LGBT+ community on the world stage and show that it is time for greater diversity and inclusion in motorsport.

Charlie has already stood on the podium at Le Mans in the 2017 Trophee Tourisme Endurance, on her debut at a shortened version of the world-famous track. She is confident of making a big impression on what is one of the most anticipated race weekends in the world.

Watch Charlie explain why she’s raising money to fund her Le Mans adventure

In her new video, Charlie says: “My priority in life is to bring us all together, so that no one ever has to hide who they really are.

“No one should grow up feeling alone and scared, limiting their vision of what they can achieve in life because of how they were born.

“It’s about being seen and accepted as our true selves, no matter where. That’s why visibility is the key to creating real change in the world.”

‘Something even bigger’

Charlie made headlines in summer 2018 with a unique initiative that got the paddock talking about LGBT+ inclusion.

“Last year, I gave out Pride stickers to all the cars racing at Silverstone for the British GT Championship.

“It was a world first for motorsport and the reaction was incredible – everyone had one on their car.

“It was a simple but powerful gesture and this year I want to do something even bigger, something so big that it’s a complete game changer and creates LGBT visibility and awareness on a global scale.”

Up to a million people watched the Pride in London parade last year, with hundreds of thousands more involved in other Pride events across the country. This is a unique opportunity to help bring the love to sport!

How you can help…

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