Rainbow Laces returns for 2020 with new identity laces

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Lesbian, bi, trans, non-binary, pan and ace designs available for this year’s Stonewall campaign activation, which is now underway…

By Jon Holmes

An expanded range of Rainbow Laces in the colours of different LGBTQ+ Pride flags are available for the Stonewall campaign’s annual activation, which is up and running for 2020.

Additional to the traditional six-colour rainbow stripe design, supporters of the initiative to ‘make sport everyone’s game’ now have the option to wear laces celebrating lesbian, bi, trans, non-binary, pan or ace identities.

This is the eighth year of Rainbow Laces, which is backed by a host of major sports organisations including the Premier League, the Football Association, the Rugby Football Union, the England and Wales Cricket Board, the Professional Darts Corporation, and the British Horseracing Authority.

A pair of laces costs £2.99 + shipping costs, with an option to apply for bulk orders at a discounted price also available.

Amid the ongoing pandemic, the importance of community is a central theme of the LGBT+ inclusion in sport campaign in 2020. The annual activation will run until Sunday, December 13, thus taking in both of the two Premier League match rounds at the start of that month.

Wednesday, December 9, will be ‘Rainbow Laces Day’ – an opportunity for everyone to lace up, post on social media, and be active in their support.

Stories of authenticity and allyship in sport are another important hallmark of the campaign. Sports Media LGBT+ is again appealing to all our readers and our extended community to unite around the Rainbow Laces message and consider sharing their experiences, so as to inspire others.

Use the hashtag #RainbowLaces on social, and get in touch with us for advice, assistance, and access to our own storytelling platform here, or those of major publishers such as Sky Sports, which is a member of TeamPride, the coalition of businesses and brands that amplifies the campaign.

The Stonewall Sport Champions – a group formed in 2019 of 11 athletes, officials and personalities who are LGBT+ – are among those to have been featured in the media discussing their journeys, and are continuing to use their platforms to advocate for inclusion.

Four of the Champions – Michael Gunning, John Dickinson-Lilley, Amazin LeThi, and Lizzie Williams – have spoken to Sports Media LGBT+ in recent months for our ‘My Pride in Sport’ Q&A series.

Inspired by Michael Gunning, John Dickinson-Lilley, Amazin LeThi and Lizzie Williams? Get in touch!

Visit the Rainbow Laces page on the Stonewall website to learn more about the campaign, including top tips on how to make your sports environment more LGBT+ inclusive; personal experiences; and related statistics.

Sports Media LGBT+ is a network, advocacy and consultancy group that is helping to build a community of LGBT+ people and allies in sport. Learn more about us on our About page; to get in touch, Contact Us here or drop an email to jon@sportsmedialgbt.com – we welcome your correspondence.

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