Women’s football’s ‘doublethink’ dilemma for Lesbian Visibility Week – Beth Fisher and Lou Englefield on FvH Podcast

Over 40 out women were named in squads at World Cup 2019 – and there’s likely to be many more competing in Australia and New Zealand this summer; however, there’s barely been any acknowledgement in professional women’s football of Lesbian Visibility Week; reporter Beth Fisher and FvH’s Lou Englefield discuss the various reasons behind that in a new podcast episode – listen now!

‘A dream come true!’: Emmerdale’s Ash Palmisciano joins Football v Transphobia podcast to discuss TRUK United match

His character Matty Barton may have once scored a goal on TV, but it’s not always been an easy route in football for actor Ash Palmisciano; as he prepares to play in Europe’s first team of all trans men on Transgender Day of Visibility, he joins FvT campaign lead Natalie Washington – captain of TRUK United Women – for a chat about his love of the game…