Ball culture meets football culture in ‘Realness With A Twist’ – back the short film on Kickstarter

Simon isn’t just super talented at football – he’s also sensational at voguing, but he keeps his dance skills secret. His best friend Les wants him to break free from the conformity of his team – but can Simon really embrace both ballroom and his true self? A new short film will show us, but first the project needs your support on Kickstarter…

Call goes out to LGBTQ+ sports community as ‘Orange Peel’ short film closes in on Crowdfunder target

‘Orange Peel’ is a short film about a 17-year-old footballer called Josh and the relationship he has with his dad; co-writers Jordan Diver and Alex Rolph, also producer and director respectively, explain why they’re so passionate about the project… UPDATE: Crowdfunder successful!