‘I had allies on Team Jamaica… I hope more will speak out’: Michael Gunning and J-FLAG on Pride House Podcast

In the week of his retirement from competitive swimming, Michael Gunning joins guests from Jamaica’s foremost LGBTQ+ rights organisation J-FLAG on The Pride House Podcast; they explain how sport could be “a new frontier” in the fight for equality, if allies like those who supported Michael in private can be encouraged to lift their voices more publicly…

‘I’m not just an athlete’: Stacey Francis-Bayman talks authenticity and advocacy on Pride House Podcast

England netball international Stacey Francis-Bayman joins activist and campaigner Khakan Qureshi on Episode 3 of The Pride House Podcast, which focuses on Birmingham; currently with West Coast Fever in Perth, Francis-Bayman talks about using her platform as an athlete who’s LGBTQ+ and the importance of being visible at Birmingham 2022…

The power of Pride House! Gold Coast 2018 team on beachfront spot, Tom Daley visits, and Commonwealth comradeship

Episode 2 of ‘The Pride House Podcast’ out now, bringing you stories from Surfers Paradise where the 2018 Pride House Gold Coast was held; star athletes and community heroes featured in ‘Australian LGBTIQ+ Sporting Trailblazers’ exhibition; sun, fun, music, and a sense of solidarity made for a special atmosphere; listen here!

What is a Pride House? New podcast explores past Commonwealth Games venues and Birmingham 2022 potential

‘The Pride House Podcast’ launches as build-up continues to opening of Pride House Birmingham 2022 in July; first episode focuses on success of Glasgow venue, the first to be held at a Commonwealth Games; “seeing individual impacts up close was so special,” recalls co-organiser Hugh Torrance; listen now!