Football v Transphobia: How to support 2021 Week of Action

We’re celebrating the contributions of trans and non-binary people in football in the week building up to Trans Day of Visibility on March 31. Learn more about this year’s campaign and play your part as a #TransFootyAlly…

By FvT and Jon Holmes

The annual Football v Transphobia (FvT) Week of Action is taking place from Wednesday 24 March to 31 March, ending on Trans Day of Visibility.

Sports Media LGBT+ is proud to again be supporting this important initiative.

It’s the third year of the campaign, which highlights the positive contributions trans people are making to football and shows how everyone involved in the game can be active allies to trans and non-binary people and support their inclusion.

Natalie Washington

Natalie Washington, FvT Campaign Lead, explains: “Trans people still face real barriers getting into football.

“Fears and experience of exclusion can put people off taking part in the game they love, even when trans inclusion policies are in place. In the vast majority of cases, there is little or no provision for non-binary people whatsoever.

“We hope by continuing to celebrate trans and non-binary identities in the game, and by providing resources to help clubs and administrators to be more inclusive, that we can help football become a great place for everyone.”

As football is still largely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s campaign will focus largely on online activity.

The #TransFootyAlly social media campaign calls for allies to share how the game is enriched by the presence of trans and non-binary people.

People are encouraged to share videos and images on social media – of who they are, what they do in football, and as an ally, how trans people being in football has enriched their experience.

Trans and non-binary people are also encouraged to share content about how cisgender people have been allies to them or to share top tips for those wanting to be allies in the game.

Lou Englefield

Lou Englefield, Football v Homophobia Campaign Director, says: “Allies are so important in creating welcoming spaces and inclusive football.

“Trans and non-binary people make up about 1.5% of the population and they need our support.

“As a lesbian, I have not always felt welcomed in football. It’s time for me to stand up for my trans colleagues and friends in the game.”

The campaign will also be sharing content on pathways to play, highlighting routes to participation for trans men and women, as well as highlighting some of the playing opportunities for non-binary people.

There will be other online activities throughout the week, including a ‘Talking Trans’ event with the Football v Homophobia Youth Panel on Wednesday, 24 March (starts 7pm GMT), and an LGBT+ 101 Education webinar on Friday, 26 March (starts 4pm GMT). Both events are free to attend.

More information and infographics on trans inclusion for football stakeholders can be found on the Football v Transphobia website.

The FvT Week of Action will take place in the week leading up to Trans Day of Visibility on 31 March. During the Week of Action, use #FvT2021 and/or #TransFootyAlly on social media.

Follow and tag on Twitter (@fvhtweets), Instagram (@football_v_homophobia), and Facebook (@fvhbt).

To contact the campaign organisers directly, email

Interested in sharing your experiences of being trans or non-binary in football, to support FvT 20201 and help to raise awareness? Our experienced team can offer advice and assistance – here’s how to contact and connect with us.

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